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How we do

We have developed a structured working solutions and methods of work organization that allow confidently take on the most complex objects considering the timetable and budget.

Design is divided into four distinct phases: preliminary draft (schematic design), preliminary design (design development), architectural phase, construction (working) phase including the technical specifications. The first stage worked out the general concept and functionality. In the second stage worked out the overall design in the provision of alternative solutions based on an integrated approach to the initial problem. The third stage - the stage of detailed architectural ideas, supplemented 3d-visualization and working models. Upon completion of this step can be performed prokta engineering sections, which together with the basic construction documents completed the fourth stage.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Experience
  • The developed organizational structure
  • Technological equipment
  • The presence of contacts among suppliers and subcontractors

What we do


Dreaming of your home, interior, few people think rationally categories. By the ideal alien to such definitions as "plan", "bathroom", "best" and "economical". His coveted office or bedroom no idea as "rectangular room measuring four to six and a half meters," and the dream of the beloved family nest is not a member of the foundation blocks and metal.


Our main principle of work - the transfer of emotions, providing sensory experience, so we chose the main specialization individual houses or interiors where there is a dream. When designing a house, designing the interior, we first form the emotions and already pushing them to clothe spiritual needs in planning and materials.


It is not only the goal, no less important is the progress of the process of development and design.

We stand on the position that in order to address the major design problems, we need to be interested in not only form and function, it is necessary to try to move beyond the traditional role of the architect. It is necessary to ask questions, and do not look ready formulaic answers. Ready to think in new ways, openness and curiosity, the search for innovation and cooperation are basic principles on which the dialogue with all stakeholders in the design process. This is the way in which we can create truly customized solutions for today and tomorrow.